Monday, December 18, 2006

Foiled again

Sadly I have no pictures for this post although there should be some. This weekend I finished a sweater vest I worked on most of October, but alas, I don't really like the fit. I was afraid of this as the piece progressed. It was worked with two strands of Lion Brand Homespun and is pretty thick. I don't need anymore thickness in the chest area, thanks. I will try it on again and maybe the wonkiness will work out in the wash. Who knows. It just riles me that I worked so long on something I don't really like and probably wouldn't wear.

So now I will wait to see if I like it better after washing, find out if my friend Marlys wants it or rip out the yarn and make another something. And maybe I'll just take it to Goodwill and count it as charity knitting. Any port in a storm.

I did get something done this weekend - another Mason-Dixon dishrag. I really love those things. This is a Christmas knit to match another dishcloth pattern I finished awhile ago. I am now crocheting one last Christmas project. Not sure if it will be done, but hope springs eternal in craftland. It's not that complex but one never knows. I was trying so hard to avoid this stress this year - so hard!!

At any rate, the cards are out. Most of the shopping is done and 2/3 of the gifts are wrapped. Not bad if I do say so myself, although I'm not saying it loudly in case the universe cares to deliver another knitting failure to my doorstep. This leaves my plan for a Winter of Sweaters on shaky ground.

Monday, December 04, 2006

frogging-the good kind

Here, in all its glory, is the frog. The pattern was procured from - great web site. Its perch on the couch here is an improvement over the kitchen counter photo. It was definitely a dead frog walking shot. He looked like he'd been stretched out on the dissecting table. Good grief. Not a happy time for frogs. This is such a cute pattern with the little flies and the drawstring mouth so you can throw your flies about and then catch them and stash them. Much as I like him I'm not sure I did him justice. His pupils should be larger and in my weaker moments I've thought he resembled a pig. But if he is received well by the small boy he is USPSing his way to now I will be happy.

In other news, I have started a sweater. I tried to knit a sweater in November per the knitalong, but it did not happen - almost, but not quite. The only thing standing in my way was the clamoring Christmas knitting making its complaints ever louder by the day. And also that nasty picking up the stitches business. I could have had the vest done weeks ago had I just completed that job. And now I am crocheting a baby blanket and contemplating the beginning of another crocheted sweater. I have gone crazy, there is no return. Unfortunately my hands and shoulder are not really running at peak production speed. I'm going to consult Mr. Chiropractor about that. One's health cannot be allowed to interfere with the holiday knitting and crocheting.

Friday, November 03, 2006

FOS - Really

Here are some FOS as promised in the last post - however, not the ones I intended.

The first are two hats knit from the Fall issue of Knit It for two impending babies. They were a very easy and quick knit on the favorite Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. I am hoping to get some matching sweaters made for these two little beanies. I think these two little hats are almost too precious to be borne.

FO #2: The Wristies from the latest Crochet Me. I remembered why I love to crochet so much - it's quick. These worked up in no time. I had a little trouble with the thumb hole on the first one but I figured it out. And I screwed up the color pattern but I decided to keep it. I liked it and was quite a ways along when I realized the error.

FO #3: Last but not least - Humphrey from the Monsters of Teen Craft Tour. He worked up really quickly too. I just used some scrap Red Heart. I need to glue his eyes on better as one has already fallen off, fortunately not in the midst of his photo shoot. He is now the office mascot.

There are more WIPs to become FOs. The sticking point is sewing the lining, but I finally found some material I think works. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 11, 2006

FOs to come

I was determined to have some finished projects to post on this here blog next time I made an entry but alas, I have only one to show. There are more at home but have yet to reach photographic glory.

This is a ballband dishrag ala the Mason-Dixon book. I have two other MD projects done and a couple more non-MD projects that are almost done but for finishing and linings being sewn. Stay tuned and I'm sure on the edge of your seats.

The yarn elite will perhaps delight in knowing I've strayed from the Red Heart fold for a time. I have embraced the Sugar and Cream and it's sister from the north Peaches and Creme in order to knit some lovely dishcloths. I love the cotton as its colors are so cheery. I've also contemplated knitting My Dream Sweater, the sweater for which I learned to knit, using some grey Lion Brand Woolese. I am hoping to cast this on shortly as I saw that pattern probably five years ago and have yet to make it.

In the last week I have conquered double pointed needles, well, I can use them, and am knitting yet another dishcloth. I noticed one fewer stitch on a recent row than I was supposed to have. I did a quick increase and hope this won't cause too much mayhem.

Other WIPs:
* The blue purse from Stitch and Bitch - needs to be sewn together and joined with some type of lining
* Fall purse that is done but for the lining and handles. I even have the handles - how fun is that?
*Tree skirt I've had done for four years but have yet to sew the crocheted poinsettia flowers onto. I think it would look prettier under the tree than trussed up in a plastic comforter bag in the closet. It's just the tedium of all that sewing. God help me. Maybe this weekend. (Ha, ha, ha.)

Planned projects:
* Some funky baskets from the Hip to Crochet book, done in Woolese Chunky (yet another non-Red Heart project).
* A frog bag complete with flies from the summer issue of Crochet Me.
* Pumpkins made on the knitting loom.
(Sorry to report the previous two projects will be done in Red Heart. It's hard to leave an old friend.)
* Crocheted edging for about four baby blankets - in preparation for the next deluge of babies my friends decide to produce.
* Halter top for my niece from Knitty that will soon be too big if I don't get going.

In other news, I have found the size seven wooden needle I thought I lost. (This meant I could return the metal ones I had purchased as a replacement.) It had fallen down between the seat and driver's side door of the car. Don't ask. I also found the bamboo double-pointed needles I bought on vacation and then squirreled away in a project bag currently used to house odds and ends - not the New Knifty Needles. These beauties are now in use on the dishcloth - the dishcloth that is growing beyond its needly confines. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Practicing motherhood

Today on my way to work I saw two little girls taking their "babies" across the street to what I assume was daycare. These dolls were appropriately cared for as it was very windy and their mothers had covered their heads with a blanket. This was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I could see these two at the tea table comparing their children's accomplishments - maybe doing a spot of knitting or crochet. Or rushing to the office after the kids were deposited safely.

On the crafting front I have again been foiled by my former favorite yarn brand. I believe it has again discontinued a yarn when I was in mid project. Rational people will say stop with the low-brow acrylic. I quit the whole project and went on to something else. I am really getting sick of this retiring business. How are you supposed to reduce the stash when everything's getting discontinued? I was so mad I could have spit. Instead I started some cotton dish cloths and went back to my happy place.

Perhaps I could post a photo of these projects at some point - if they're ever done.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Crocheting through crabbiness

So, my big hobby in life is crochet. I have many hobbies but this dominates much of my craft time. It also is the main reason I am still close to sane and has prevented me from throwing little children though plate-glass windows. Just kidding. There are no flying children near me now or in the past.

So I love the crochet, but recently I have been the victim of a yarn conspiracy. I have started many projects with what I thought was the right amount of yarn only to discover when it was nearly too late that I did not have enough at all.

The greatest calamity occurred in the form of the Navy Fleck blue sweater. First, I did not read the pattern correctly and used worsted weight yarn instead of Lion Brand Homespun. As a result, I used more yarn than the pattern predicted. But I loved the Navy Fleck and could already imagine the beautiful sweater it would create. I had the back of this sweater almost done when I realized the error of my ways.

So I then commenced the Great Navy Fleck Yarn search. I looked in every store I could with no success. I called yarn stores, no success. I then looked up the Coats and Clark Web site, again disappointment and shame. I called Coats and Clark and learned the horrible truth. The yarn was discontinued -- aaaaahhh!! I had suspected as much but didn't want to admit it was true. I then turned to Ebay hoping for some minor miracle. They had two and a half skeins for sale but by the time the auction was done they wanted $30 for the lot. The inbred cheapness of my pioneer ancestors would not let me pay that much for two and a half skeins of yarn I could normally purchase for $12 at the most. Yes, I know what you're thinking, if only you had. The Navy Fleck I did have was the scraps of another project that was also a disaster because it didn't fit when it was done so I gave it to a friend. Anyway ... I ended up putting the yarn away and starting another project, but the conspiracy continues.

I made a crocheted purse out of another Red Heart color variety, consulting the package first to get the yarn amount needed. I then even purchased that amount. I was about an inch and a half from being done when, yes, you guessed it. I ran out of yarn. Now living in the country's bread basket, 50 miles from the nearest Hobby Lobby, it was not possible for me to jaunt out like some city slicker after the exact yarn I needed. So, I waited and of course started something else. The purse was for me anyway so no big deal. This weekend I went to yarn mecca (otherwise known as Sioux Falls) to pick up the needed yarn only to find out that Hobby Lobby was out. There was no time to visit another store due to numerous visits to scrapbooking kingdoms. So, back I went to Brookings with no yarn to finish the purse. Spring is looming and this is not necessarily a spring purse. What's a girl to do? Can we stand to be deprived of a new fabulous purse. Oh, the horror.

I had listened to the lectures from my three older co-workers, otherwise known as the domestics, following yarn conspiracy No. 1 about buying enough yarn for the project all at once. But how can I cope with patterns that lie? It is a dilemma. Meanwhile, I thought I was running out of yarn for my current project only to discover a huge pounder skein in my stash. A narrow escape, but perhaps the tide is turning and Yarn Conspiracy 2006 is over.