Friday, August 11, 2006

FOs to come

I was determined to have some finished projects to post on this here blog next time I made an entry but alas, I have only one to show. There are more at home but have yet to reach photographic glory.

This is a ballband dishrag ala the Mason-Dixon book. I have two other MD projects done and a couple more non-MD projects that are almost done but for finishing and linings being sewn. Stay tuned and I'm sure on the edge of your seats.

The yarn elite will perhaps delight in knowing I've strayed from the Red Heart fold for a time. I have embraced the Sugar and Cream and it's sister from the north Peaches and Creme in order to knit some lovely dishcloths. I love the cotton as its colors are so cheery. I've also contemplated knitting My Dream Sweater, the sweater for which I learned to knit, using some grey Lion Brand Woolese. I am hoping to cast this on shortly as I saw that pattern probably five years ago and have yet to make it.

In the last week I have conquered double pointed needles, well, I can use them, and am knitting yet another dishcloth. I noticed one fewer stitch on a recent row than I was supposed to have. I did a quick increase and hope this won't cause too much mayhem.

Other WIPs:
* The blue purse from Stitch and Bitch - needs to be sewn together and joined with some type of lining
* Fall purse that is done but for the lining and handles. I even have the handles - how fun is that?
*Tree skirt I've had done for four years but have yet to sew the crocheted poinsettia flowers onto. I think it would look prettier under the tree than trussed up in a plastic comforter bag in the closet. It's just the tedium of all that sewing. God help me. Maybe this weekend. (Ha, ha, ha.)

Planned projects:
* Some funky baskets from the Hip to Crochet book, done in Woolese Chunky (yet another non-Red Heart project).
* A frog bag complete with flies from the summer issue of Crochet Me.
* Pumpkins made on the knitting loom.
(Sorry to report the previous two projects will be done in Red Heart. It's hard to leave an old friend.)
* Crocheted edging for about four baby blankets - in preparation for the next deluge of babies my friends decide to produce.
* Halter top for my niece from Knitty that will soon be too big if I don't get going.

In other news, I have found the size seven wooden needle I thought I lost. (This meant I could return the metal ones I had purchased as a replacement.) It had fallen down between the seat and driver's side door of the car. Don't ask. I also found the bamboo double-pointed needles I bought on vacation and then squirreled away in a project bag currently used to house odds and ends - not the New Knifty Needles. These beauties are now in use on the dishcloth - the dishcloth that is growing beyond its needly confines. Any suggestions?