Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stupid Mercury and its freakin' retrograde

I realize I am probably inviting the wrath of the universe with that title but it's already rained down upon my head somewhat so what the hell.

Yesterday as I was reading the Internets I noticed a lot of posting on Mercury and its retrograde rampage. I stupidly thought to myself, why that's funny, I'm having a great lot of knitting fun. No astronomical games of cat and mouse here. Then I began the decreases on a beret I had nearly finished - 9 rows left maybe. Well, I realized halfway through the decreasing that I was messing it up. I thought, I will rip back row by row and fix this. So I began. And let me also add that yesterday was one of those bad temper days where you're not sure why you're pissed but then you get to work and realize there are many reasons waiting for you. And as the day goes on the list gets longer.

So yeah, this was not my day. But, I thought, it will be better once I'm home and can work on the knitting. So I began the tinking and it was going pretty well until I got to the stitches I had knit together. They started to come apart in a way that was not conducive to beautiful bereting. I tried to pick up the stitches, they looked like hell. So I thought, I will take the beret off the needles and just rip like a madwoman until I'm back in business. Madwoman was the operative word. I could not figure out at what point back in business should be. I ended up ripping out the whole thing. THE WHOLE FRIGGING THING!! Two weeks of my crafting life gone. My only solace at the end of this mess is I know I can do it again and this time I'll know how to do the decreases. And hopefully, mercury will be out of its freakin' retrograde by then and maybe I'll have grown some sense.

I was going to post a photo of a finished project but blogger will not let me. Mercury, man, give me a break already.