Monday, December 18, 2006

Foiled again

Sadly I have no pictures for this post although there should be some. This weekend I finished a sweater vest I worked on most of October, but alas, I don't really like the fit. I was afraid of this as the piece progressed. It was worked with two strands of Lion Brand Homespun and is pretty thick. I don't need anymore thickness in the chest area, thanks. I will try it on again and maybe the wonkiness will work out in the wash. Who knows. It just riles me that I worked so long on something I don't really like and probably wouldn't wear.

So now I will wait to see if I like it better after washing, find out if my friend Marlys wants it or rip out the yarn and make another something. And maybe I'll just take it to Goodwill and count it as charity knitting. Any port in a storm.

I did get something done this weekend - another Mason-Dixon dishrag. I really love those things. This is a Christmas knit to match another dishcloth pattern I finished awhile ago. I am now crocheting one last Christmas project. Not sure if it will be done, but hope springs eternal in craftland. It's not that complex but one never knows. I was trying so hard to avoid this stress this year - so hard!!

At any rate, the cards are out. Most of the shopping is done and 2/3 of the gifts are wrapped. Not bad if I do say so myself, although I'm not saying it loudly in case the universe cares to deliver another knitting failure to my doorstep. This leaves my plan for a Winter of Sweaters on shaky ground.

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