Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dog Days

It has been many months since my last post, but I have not been idle. Babies have received blankets, sweaters, hats and bibs. Other baby products such as hats and sweaters were stored away for any litter of winter babies who currently are in hibernation but might pop up at any time either seeing their shadow or not and then acting accordingly.

Other projects await final finishing details like having their provisional cast-on removed so as to allow seaming and ribbing or simply participating in the ceremonial weaving in of the ends. Unfortunately I have found finishing to not be my thing. I apparently am a process knitter. I like to knit - and crochet. I seem to care not what happens to the projects after the knitting is complete - unless they are for the aforementioned babies of which there have been many. I currently have three purses awaiting final finishings as well in the hopes they can one day leave the house without their plastic bag disguise. The shame of being lining-less is too much.

Meanwhile, I have started to design a new sweater for myself that is probably too wide, but fortunately will allow for some shrinkage as the yarn is cotton. I found the strength to make up the pattern myself after reading the Yarn A-Go-Go blog whose author assured all of the Internets that we could follow her instructions and produce a cute summer sweater that fits. However, I decided to strike out and add ribbing before moving into the pattern stitchwhich was differently constructed than the Go-Gos. Then I decided to add a few stitches to be on the safe side and am now possibly knitting the Sweater that Became a Pop Tent. (I don't know if that's how you spell the pop in tent but I'm going with it for now.) The Sweater I am currently designing is an effort to use up the never ending cones of variegated blue, green, off white yarn I purchased in a weak moment to make a sweater I've completely forgotten about in the Quest for the Cute Summer Sweater. Apparently the original pattern turned out not to be the Holy Grail. Side note: The fact that this is August and the window for the Cute Summer Sweater is rapidly closing is not lost on me.

I will soldier on meanwhile, putting off my New Year's resolution to learn to knit socks and cables, absorbing as much of the air conditioning as possible to prepare for Afghan Season. Pictures next time, I promise.

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