Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Break Broken!!

Amazing, but here I am updating the blog. I have noticed that the blogiverse expects more than the twice-yearly blog post. I will try to comply.

This winter's goal was to finish one of the four (yes four, don't judge) afghans I had started. Mission accomplished and then some!! Since the great state of SD received 8 inches of snow this week I am still counting this as winter and I have completed two of the four afghans. Yes!! Two! If I died tomorrow it would be with less WIP shame. Both of these afghans were started to use up yarn stash. I realized my folly when I repeatedly found myself in the Wal-Mart yarn aisle to get yet another skein of Lion Brand's Jiffy Thick & Quick's Adirondacks. I thought I had the perfect project to use up yarn I tried to crochet a sweater vest with only to rip it out twice. Unfortunately, I did not read the ball band carefully enough. It was four skeins of Wool-Ease Chunky and 45 (probably not quite that many) skeins of the Jiffy before Snug was completed. Snug was a pattern I found on someone's blog that I then printed from the Internets. Here it is in its baby form.

The other finished afghan started as a retirement gift for a co-worker two years ago. It sat around my apartment for awhile because I ran out of the yarn for the border of the strips but once I decided to scrap the original border yarn and resorted to a little Red Heart Light Sage I was in the clear. Then it was a marathon crochet session to finish all the strips. I worked out a lot of crabby. :) I'll admit I fell by the wayside once I had to contemplate the mammoth sewing together of 15 strips but I rallied. Here it is.

It is somewhat unbelievable to me that I have finished both of these. I emptied two knitting bags of these mammoth projects. I feel almost lonely without the pressure of these two projects looming around the house, calling pathetically from their respective areas. Of course I now have some leftover yarn to dispose of, but no matter. I have plans for it!! There. So Proud. A blog post. Who knew? Next up, a parade of hats and scarves. Try to control your excitement.

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